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Enter data for your restaurant (yellow fields), and the amount you will be paying for the system.
Enable/disable Restaurant Manager features as appropriate to see the effect on the ROI.  
Scroll down to see details on how each Restaurant Manager feature affects your bottom line.
Important: for detailed instructions and a glossary of terms scroll to the bottom of this page.
Gross Yearly Sales        
Days Open      
Food & Beverage Cost %        
Labor Cost %        
Yearly Increased Revenues        
Yearly Savings        
Bottom Line Increase        
System Cost        
ROI (months)        
Restaurant Manager Options & Interfaces          
Modules Ena/Dis   Notes    
Restaurant Manager Touchscreen POS (1) Enable if replacing manual system  
Restaurant Manager Backoffice (2) System configuration, Reports,  
Write-On Handheld Manager (3) Operational Information anytime, anywhere
Write-On Handheld POS (6) If enabled, disable Touchscreen POS
RM Guest Accounts (7)        
RM Gift Certificates, Cards (8)        
RM Employee Scheduling (QuickStaffer) (9)        
RM Frequent Diner (10)        
RM Inventory Control (11)        
RM Reservations and Hostess Module (12)        
RM Quickbooks Accounting Interface (13)        
Credit Card Interface (14) Lower fees, shorter settlement (internet enabled)
Fingerprint Interface (15) Eliminates buddy clock-ins.  
Browser Interface (16) Monitor business from anywhere  
Mapping Interface (17) Used with delivery service  
Video Interface (18)        
Berg or Freepour Interface (19)        
Front Desk Interface (20) Property Management System Interface (PMS)
Effect on Revenues          
  Increased Increased Made
Increased Revenues Due to? Increase Revenues Override Revenues by?
Fewer items left off check 1, 6
Fewer addition errors 1, 6
Fewer comps 1, 6
More upsells 1, 6
Increased table turns at peak times 6, 12
More repeat customers 10
More new customers 8
Unredeemed gift certificates/cards 8
Fewer lost sales 6
0.00% 6
Effect on Costs          
Decreased Costs Due to? Decrease Savings Override Savings by?
Fewer preparation errors (F&B) 1, 6
Reduced labor hours (POS) 1,6,9,15
Reduced training 1
Less Waste (F&B) 11
Less Theft (F&B) 1, 6, 11
Improved cost control (F&B) 11
Reduced Credit Card Fees 14
Lower bookeeping costs 7,13
Reduced Labor hours (management) 2, 3, 7, 11


How it Works  
Enabling a Restaurant Manager feature results in a revenue increase or cost decrease or both. The amount of the increase/decrease is computed as a percentage of the yearly gross revenues. The default percentage used has been determined empirically by looking at data from a number of Restaurant Manager users.  
General Instructions  
To enter your restaurants' information?. Simply edit the yellow colored cells by clicking on them.
To Enable/Disable the Restaurant Manager features you'll be using Use the Enable/Disable combo box to in the last column of the "Restaurant Options and Interfaces" table.
To override values If necessary, make adjustments to the Revenues and Costs by editing the DAILY override fields.
Term Description
Restaurant Information  
Gross Yearly Sales Gross revenues not including taxes
Labor Cost % Current labor cost as a % of gross sales
Food & Beverage Cost % Current Food and beverage cost as a % of gross sales
System Cost System Cost includes hardware
software, installation and training.
Usually between 2 and 3% of gross sales
ROI Return on Investment. Months it takes to "pay" for the amount paid for the system. For technology products look for a 24 month or better ROI
Revenue Increases due to ?
Fewer items left off check. If you currently use a manual system to take orders, using a copy for the kitchen and one for the cashier, you will invariable miss billing a number of items every day. Using Restaurant Manager POS to enter the order, guaranties that all items are billed. For example billing an extra $25/day translates to $9125/year or approx. 1% of sales of 1 million.
Fewer addition errors If you are currently totalling the check manually, it is a given that there will be a number of bills added incorrectly. And, of course, you will only hear about the ones that overcharge the customer.
Fewer comps (discounts) Typically items are comped to the customer to mitigate errors in food production, missed orders, and other service let-downs. By reducing errors in the order cycle, you reduce the number of comps necessary to appease customers.
More Upsells The Write-On handheld reminds server to suggest upsells. Employee contests also create an incentive for servers to "push" upsells.
Increased Table Turns More efficient table management afforded by Restaurant Manager's Hostess module results in more table turns. The efficiency introduced by The Write-On handheld dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to process an order. This results in customers spending less time at the table, freeing it up for a new turn.
More repeat customers Restaurant Manager's Frequent Diner program motivates your customers to come more often.
More new customers Selling gift cards/certificates to existing customers, translates to more new customers.
Unredeemed Gift certificates Approximatelly 30% of sold giftcards are never redeemed.
Lost sales Fewer lost sales if using the Write-On handheld, since servers are more available on the floor to take customer's orders.
Costs decreases due to?  
Fewer preparation errors Restaurant Manager's sophisticated prep area printing minimizes confusion in the kitchen and bar, resulting in more accurate order processing.
Reduced Labor Costs Less staff required for given volume due to efficiencies introduced by handheld use. Fewer billed hours due to eliminating early clock ins and buddy logins.
Reduced Credit Card Fees Typically one can negotiate a better rate if processing credit cards via the internet. You also can save fees by requiring the servers to pay the credit card fee portion of their tips.
Reduced training costs Restaurant Manager's ease of use shortens staff training times.
Less Waste Restaurant Manager's Inventory control gives you the tools to only order the food and beverage needed.
Less Theft Restaurant Managers extensive tracking of voids, discounts and other operations allows you to quickly identify dishonest staff.

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